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ZKSL-180/260 Vacuum loading machine

  • Product name:ZKSL-180/260 Vacuum loading machine
  • Product model:ZKSL-180/260
  • Production unit:

Technology ParametersConpress air pressure045--0 55mpaMax air consumption376L minVoltage220VAir source joint size10mmMax

Voltage: 220V (AC) Current: 0.05A
Frequency: 50Hz     Compressed air pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa
Max Air Consumption: 376L/min     Air Source Joint Size: φ10mm
Max Supplying Capacity: 600kg/h (ZKSL-180) /1200kg/h (ZKSL-260)
Lifting Height: 0~10m
Figure Size: φ180×720mm (ZKSL-180)  /φ260×925mm (ZKSL-260)
Weight: 20kg (ZKSL-180)  /30kg (ZKSL-260)
Obturated loading the powder; no delaminating in powder.
Take the compressed air as the power supply, which is free of shaking
and repairing, with low energy consumption and low noise.
PLC control; powder level and the time are free to choose.
During the operation, the on-line blowing function of the filter as well
as the feeding starting and stopping device ensure the smoothly going
of the feeding and discharging.