2020CIPM: did you come to Hanlin exhibition stand yesterday?


Empty mountain after new rain

In November, the mountain city has a clear sky and pleasant autumn. Although there was a light rain and a drop in temperature a few days ago, it still failed to affect the continuous warming of the 2020cipm grand gathering, which is full of the upsurge of intelligent innovation.


Beijing Hanlin Hangyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been established for 21 years, focusing on the intelligent manufacturing innovation of complete sets of solid preparation equipment. As an enterprise winning the national science and technology progress award, Hanlin Hangyu has been supporting our old and new friends with high-quality products and high-quality services. After the opening of the exhibition, many industry experts and enterprise representatives came to Hanlin's exhibition stand to carry out the exhibition The atmosphere was very warm.



Patient explanation reflects persistence and ingenuity.

Focusing on the field of solid preparation complete equipment for 21 years, not only feelings, but also professional.


Shocked by Hanlin's new products, he forgot the noise around him.

Intimate service, just to bring you higher quality products.



Yesterday, accompanied by Chen Husheng, leader of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, Wang Fuliang, leader of China Federation of industrial economics, visited Hanlin Aerospace booth. He paid special attention to Hanlin Aerospace's intelligent detection equipment, high-volume filling machine and tablet pressing machine, and had a detailed understanding of the equipment performance and advantages. He exchanged views with Lu Yongsheng, chairman of Hanlin aerospace company We hope that the intelligent devices developed and manufactured by us will contribute to the development of the industry.


Watch the video below to learn more about Hanlin products.