Heart for heart, our heart to let you rest assured

If you don't forget, there will be echoes. If you don't forget your original intention, you can always ride the wind and waves, and your ingenuity will remain the same.

In 1999, Hanlin Hangyu was founded. 21 years have passed. As a first-class solid preparation complete equipment supplier in China, Hanlin Hangyu has been adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, service first". When treating every customer, Hanlin Hangyu will give 110% of the heart to serve. Adhere to the heart to pay, no less than anyone's efforts, step by step firm forward. With professional, intimate service and high-quality products, we have been recognized by customers.



"The choice of partners mainly depends on character. Character refers to whether the self-interest part or the altruism part is better. When we talk with people or get along with them for a period of time, their character will show. Over the past 21 years, we have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with more than 80% of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises. This is not only because of our high-quality products, but also because Hanlin can make every enterprise we cooperate with feel our temperature. The completion of the transaction is not only a simple exchange of products and money, but also a considerate and careful after-sales service. Although the machines we produce are cold, we hope to use our considerate service to let you feel the temperature of Hanlin's "heart". Hanlin aerospace has a professional team of engineers, and we can provide you with worry free after-sales service anytime and anywhere Support, because we know that no one and no business will succeed without responsibility and morality. "


At the beginning of this month, our partner Zhejiang hangkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. had a sudden abnormality in the equipment program, and contacted Mr. Hu Weilong, manager of electric control department of our company. After knowing this situation, manager Hu responded quickly. Although it was a break time from work, he still helped hangkang pharmaceutical to install and guide the equipment remotely at home. He worked until two o'clock in the morning and finally solved the problem After the event, manager Hu paid a close visit and asked about the use of the equipment. This is Hanlin's practice of "customer first, service first".