Review the past and look forward to the future


From January 11 to 13, 2021, Beijing Hanlin Hangyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hanlin Hangyu) 2020 annual summary meeting was held in Tianjin company. Focusing on the annual sales performance of various regions and products in 2020 and the enterprise development strategic plan in 2021, the meeting summarized the achievements and problems encountered, and put forward suggestions for the future climbing to a higher level Outlook and deployment. Mr. Lu Yongsheng, chairman of Hanlin Hangyu, Mr. Liu Ning, general manager, Mr. Ying Yong, deputy general manager, and other leaders as well as heads of various regions and departments attended the meeting.


Ride the wind and waves, advance in adversity


Pressure is the best driving force for progress. Under the pressure of market and business development, Hanlin Hangyu has fully implemented the business development strategy formulated by the company last year, fully integrated existing resources, and actively explored new areas in the industry. Under the joint operation of various regions and departments, it will show a stable state of overall profit in 2020 and maintain a strong momentum of sustained and rapid growth.

The brilliance of the enterprise is inseparable from the efforts of the team and individual. In the dilemma of market and industry, the staff and business team of Hanlin Aerospace actively play their subjective initiative, vigorously explore new market areas, deeply tap customer needs and market pain points. Under the general trend of innovation and Reform in the pharmaceutical equipment industry, they have developed a variety of Frontier business areas, opened a market breakthrough, and occupied a valuable seat in the industry leader echelon for Hanlin aerospace.


People oriented and professional to build a strong army



At this annual meeting, the company invited Mr. Chen Jianguo from Jiangsu pharmaceutical design institute to teach the company's sales and technical personnel the professional knowledge of solid preparation scheme, further improving the technical level and professional quality of the company's employees, increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise and providing more professional solutions for customers.

"Contribute to the cause of human health", which is the constant mission of Hanlin Hangyu for more than 20 years, and also the firm will of the enterprise development. 2021, a new starting point, new opportunities and new challenges, we will not change our original intention, live up to our mission, and provide better products for human health.